When Reel is Real

Pre-weddings have grown like a phenomenon and have hit the world like an epidemic. Each couple wants something different, which is hard to achieve. When you work in the boundations of a single category, you tend to work along common lines. But then, who are we to let down a couple in love?

Rajan and Shipra is one such a cutesy couple, straight out of a Bollywood romance. Rajan is a fun loving filmy guy from Muktasar, and Shipra is a shy girl from Chandigarh. When Rajan approached us for his prewedding, he put forward that he wants a video that looks like a romantic Bollywood song and photographs that leave people in admiration. They wanted something that has not been done before. And we were there to give them what they needed!

We researched about many different locations, pre-planned the setups and props of each shot, despite of the harsh sunlight and wind patterns. And here are the results!

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We would take some time to mention that both of them were IMMENSELY cooperative with us on the setups, both indoors and outdoors. We had a whole lot of fun on the shoot.  Also, the response we got from the clients and their family was all we have really earned out of our two day shoot. We till date get personal messages/ appreciation about how lovely the results are.

Also check their PreWedding Pictures, Click here!

From the mind of Hrsimrn Singh,
As penned down by Ananya Talwar.