Ozi Gym – Pool Shoot

It was just a regular day, where I come back from Delhi after a shoot (while my team decided to stay there to rest), and meet my family who visited me after so long. Yes, just another day. But I guess I spoke too soon.

I left my place with my dad at 10:30 (the usual), when I get a call from Ozi Gym and Spa, Mohali. Before anything else, they are the regular and one of the best clients I have.

So they tell me over the phone that the IPL Cheerleaders are coming over there to relax and have a good time. So it’ll be nice if I could come over and cover it; take some good pictures.

And it is not my favourite thing to do, but I told them that my team is in Delhi and I am alone.
But IPL cheerleaders don’t visit your gym everyday! And I would do anything BUT let down my client. So at their request, I went at the very moment to Ozi Gym with my dad!

I travel to a lot of places, but always make sure I’m on my toes at my job when I have to. All of my equipment stays in my car for moments like these. (Phew!!!)

Now here’s the catch- lots of equipment require a lot of people. But the work doesn’t have to stop, right? So here I get creative (and a little bold) and use their staff as my on-field crew. So, I had this amazing crew which helped me click these amazing photographs I treasure in my work portfolio.

I have done a lot of shoots, but experiences like these somehow stay dear to me. Not every day do you gel common people in your profession and have such an amazing interaction with them. Such jewels that you earn make the entire effort worth it.

Have a look at the pictures!

In my heart, I was more than content with the output. But life does surprise you with a little more at the end, which actually is what all of us photographers crave badly- appreciation.  I casually come back home and find out that the owner of Ozi Gym and Spa clicked a behind the scenes photograph of me at work, and shared it on social media. We do get acknowledgements in person, but when the clients appreciate our work in public, it boosts our morale a thousand times.

Such gestures make us fearless, motivated, and better!