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Wedding Photography

When organizing a wedding, the photography and filming are often very important. After the event a lot of your memories are tied in closely to the pictures of the event that you see. So, how you want to remember them becomes equally as important as remembering them. This is where the different styles of capturing a wedding come into play.

Wedding photography has two styles primarily: Candid and Traditional; & we specialize in both!

Wedding Stories

Cinematic Films

Make your wedding memories extra special by opting for our Cinematic Wedding Films that give a pure movie feel to your wedding videos. We believe in fairytales. They deserve to be shared to inspire. We listen carefully to turn them into unique cinematic adaptations.

Created with PASSION

and sprinkled with LOVE.

We also offer Traditional Video for your events. If you want to know the difference between the both, go through our FAQs.

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PreWedding Shoots

Having a pre-wedding shoot is a great idea for couples that want to have a memory about their love story in it. A pre-wedding photoshoot is a superb way to get to know your photographer, and for the photographer to understand your personalities better. It is also a great way to get comfortable in front of the camera, which prepares you well for the picture marathon that your wedding is going to be. The shoot is more about chemistry between the two and we present it in form of beautiful pictures and a stunning video!

Pre-wedding photoshoots are now taking precedence over actual wedding shoots for couples. They not only go all out to get the best clicks, but also channelize their inner Bollywood stars to get filmi videos to show their love for each other.

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Commercial Shoots

Commercial photography predominantly sells a product. Hence, the emphasis of the whole shoot is on the product. It is majorly of two types, catalog and advertising shoots. Catalog Shoots is done to just use the pictures for cataloging or ecommerce mainly shot on plain backgrounds while advertising shoot is creative presentation of product to be used as promotional banners, magazine/newspaper ads, hoardings etc.

We at NOTYi Photographers have a super specialization on creating the stunning Results!

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Fashion Shoots

the emphasis in fashion photography does not lie on the garments, but on the mood and styling of the image. The garments are merely an accessory to convey a certain lifestyle. Therefore, the whole image is much more complex. The models are usually styled very dramatically with bold makeup. With the increased complexity in styling also comes an increased complexity in lighting to make the image look more dramatic. We offer a great packages over fashion as well as portfolio shoots for models.

We at NOTYi Photographers have a super specialization on creating the stunning Results!

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Events & Fashion Shows

There are several other sub-genres that come under event photography – corporate photography and photojournalism are few among those. Event photography does often include shooting black tie Corporate Events and Fashion Shows, but it can also cover festivals, concerts, sports, and some really cool events of the sort.

Our team is highly skilled and experienced shooting top class events and fashion shows of the industry (like Kingfisher Ultra Style Weeks, Film Promotions etc.) to perform and capture the best out of your events.

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Best in class Equipment

Of course, if you have the skill and ability, you can shoot with whatever camera gear you want. But every genere of photography has a different set of equipments.

We have a wider range of full frame & cinema cameras, quality glasses/lenses, lighting setups, accessories and motion gears like dji ronin, dji mavic pro, zoom/rode mics and recorders etc.

We are proud Brand Ambassadors to
Panasonic Lumix Series.


Powerful Post-Processing
& Studio Setups

We are equipped with powerful post production and studio setups. From Basic Editing to Color Grading to VFX, our machines are capable of rendering videos upto 8K. Equipped with NVIDIA Quadro Technology, we have an ability to deliver you the best in industry.
Our specialization on Davinci Resolve makes us stand out in our post.

Our studios have facilities of ADR Room (Automated Dialog Replacement) for Dubbing and Voice Overs.

Our Photography & Film Studios are one of the most advanced having each and every facility, equipments and accessories required.

Our studios our also available for Rentals.

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Features & Deliverables which makes us Stand Out!

We try to stay ahead in the industry. We love to Innovate! We are one of the most advanced photographers when it comes to deliverables. We are one of the first to deliver you features like, Lifetime Cloud Storage, Mobile App Delivery, Wedding Websites etc. Facilities like Instant Post Process helps you to surprise your guests with processed content shot on same day. Quality and Speed is two major key points and focus of the team. We are delivering Italian Prints for PhotoBooks and Frames to make your memories stays forever. Features like Fastest Quote & Standard Pricing Policy helps clients for best pricing, time saving and crystal clear experience with us.

Cloud Storage

Mobile App

Post Process

Wedding Invite


Photo Print
& Frames

Fastest Quote

Pricing Policy

Workshops &

We love to share our knowledge. We conduct various workshops for beginners/amaterur and professional photographers and film makers. We also conduct various photowalks and activites on weekends and special occasions.

Our motive of such events is to help photographers to stay updated about latest technology and up gradations. We organize brand specific workshops and equipment hands on review sessions to help them undderstand things practically.

We are proud World Record Holders for conducting Worlds Biggest PhotoWalk on 26th September, 2016.

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