Highfield Whisky

This is another memorable experience that made us grow as photographers.

Highfield Whisky is a renowned brand, and was looking for someone to do a shoot for their feature in a big magazine. A big event for them; they wanted no imperfections.

They found us on Google whilst searching for the best commercial photographers in the region. I got there with my team, and they brief us about the project. Like any other client, they wanted the best. Out of concern they asked us if we had ever done a shoot for an alcohol brand like themselves, or anything that involved bottles.

We as a team swear by honesty, originality and hard work. We straightforwardly admitted that we had not done such a shoot before. They were ready to invest much, but they wanted outputs that made their brand shine. Hence, they were in a dilemma if they should hire us for this project or not.

But our zeal didn’t let us let down our clients. We assured that we will give to them photographs that they wished for, and make their product shine in its market. After all, what shows, is what is conveyed.

So we tried our hand at a few shots there and then, which were fine but not the best we could do. So we took a bottle with us at our studio on trail basis, and promised them the best feature photographs of Highfield Whisky in 10-15 days.

At our studio we worked hard, experimented to our best capabilities. And the result blew away our minds! (And most importantly, the client’s too!)

Here are the results!

The clients admitted that these photographs were better than the work they could have gotten from anywhere else in Mumbai or abroad too! Since then they haven’t looked for anyone else for their commercial photography projects.

It’s so satisfying to realize that a shoot that begun at ambiguity, ended up to be one of the best works in our career. Also, all of the magazines who published this commercial, personally appreciated the quality and creativity of our art. A yet another incident that made us fearless, motivated, and better!